Nitro Youth Ripper Snowboard 2024

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Where the good times begin.
The Ripper snowboard is designed to make snowboarding more accessible and get more kids addicted to the feeling of having fun! The new generation of the Ripper‘s catch-free shape perfectly matches the young rippers boot size creating the perfect mix of flex, support, and surface area to allow any rider to progress at their own pace.

Profile: Flat
Terrain: All-mountain
Response: Playful


  • Powercore: Nitro's Powercore uses tip-to-tail poplar wood, providing lightweight strength and the perfect blend of flex, response and feel.
  • Soft Ride Flex: A Nitro exclusive construction, spider web-like binding raisers allow to make sweet soft- flexing boards for young shredders while respecting all required standards for binding insert depth and pullout strength.
  • Standard core profile
  • Bi-lite Laminates: Rider-trusted Bi-Lite Laminates are engineered for unrivalled strength, powerful style and refined board-feel.
  • Premium extruded FH base: Durability, speed and low maintenance all in one ultra-clear base material - the FH Base takes the abuse of rail and urban riding like no other.
  • Standard width
  • Twin shape
  • Radial side-cut: The simplest and most common of all side-cuts, one single radius makes this side-cut extremely versatile and predictable.
  • 100% natural speed wax: All Nitro boards are factory-tuned with a fully biodegradable wax made of renewable resources.
  • Graphic by Griffin Siebert
  • Shape by Tommy Delago


Profile: Flat-Out Rocker

Flat-Out Rocker is a hybrid flat camber profile where the nose and tail lift off before the traditional contact points, providing effortless turns, and catch-free maneuvers. The lifted nose and tail provide excellent float, pressability, and forgiveness in any terrain. The ultimate hybrid between Zero Camber and Reverse Camber to allow you to have the most playful yet stabile ride for easy progression and all-mountain domination. The profile of choice for park, freestyle, and urban riders worldwide.


Shape: Twin

A completely symmetrical shape, which thrives in a variety of freestyle situations. At the core of its design, the twin shape features an identical nose and tail shape, which provides an identical feel and predictable maneuverability whether riding regular or switch. Although originally developed with park riders in mind, twin shapes have also grown to be embraced by many all-mountain riders that like to bring a skateboard style riding out of the park and onto the entire mountain.

Flex: 1 (Scale 1 - 10)

Playful Flex - Beginner
Forgiving, easy to learn and progress on.

Base: Premium Extruded FH Base

Durability, speed and low maintenance all in one ultra-clear base material - the FH Base takes the abuse of rail and urban riding like no other.

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