Volkl Men's Revolt 81 Skis 2024

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The VOLKL Revolt 81 Alpine Skis Multicolor are a high-performance ski designed specifically for alpine skiing. These skis feature a vibrant multicolor design that sets them apart from the traditional plain-colored skis, adding a stylish touch to your skiing gear.

With a width of 81mm underfoot, the Revolt 81 skis offer excellent stability and control on a variety of snow conditions. They excel on groomed runs, but are also capable of handling off-piste and variable terrain with ease. The versatile nature of these skis makes them suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers who enjoy exploring different types of slopes.

The construction of the Revolt 81 skis includes a full wood core, which provides a lively and responsive feel while maintaining durability and longevity. The ski's rocker profile ensures easy turn initiation and enhanced floatation in deeper snow, while the camber section underfoot delivers precision and grip on hard-packed snow.

Equipped with VOLKL's signature Multi-Layer Woodcore technology, these skis deliver a balanced flex pattern that maximizes performance and maneuverability. They are further enhanced by the Tip and Tail Rocker that allows smooth turn transitions and improved control at higher speeds.

The Multicolor design not only adds a visual appeal but also acts as a protective layer, minimizing scratches and chips that can occur during regular use. This ensures that your skis continue to look great, even after multiple seasons of skiing.

Overall, the VOLKL Revolt 81 Alpine Skis Multicolor is a reliable and visually striking choice for alpine skiing enthusiasts who seek both style and performance on the slopes.

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