Union Rover 1 Approach Skis 2022

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Union Rover Approach Skis get you and your favorite board to the top so you can keep your snowboarder identity secure. They're compatible with your splitboard bindings, so you can swap over to your solid board at the summit to ensure none of your hard work was wasted: every step you take up will translate into a descent with no compromises in ride quality. Splitboards and snowshoes are great, but they're not always the best tool for the job. Choose the Rovers and enjoy climbing up skin tracks instead of slogging around in boot packs.

Product Details


FSC Certified Select Wood Core – Handcrafted in Austria with 100% clean energy.

Alpine V2 Camber Profile – The Alpine V2 Profile features lower-body camber with a reverse cambered nose. This allows for maximum glide and stability while touring and side hilling. The camber runs longer in the tail—providing extra power for the ascent

Integrated Climbing Skin – 65% Mohair / 35% Nylon

Flex – Stiff

Steel Edges

Extruded Base

Standard Splitboard Touring Bracket Inserts

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