Oneball 6" Scraper

Article number: tTS6-2022
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Six inch long waxing scraper is made from 3mm thick high grade acrylic producing a super sharp edge.  Acrylic is a better material than simple plastic because of the ability to get and hold a sharp edge.  If the edge gets built up with wax or starts to feel dull run it across a steel file or some sand paper to sharpen it back up.  Notched corner allows for easy cleaning of wax off your steel edges. 

Design: Excellent for all snowboards and skis

Size: 6" x 2.75" X 3mm

Waxing Instructions:

1. Select correct temperature specific wax by checking mountain conditions/snow report...(actual snow temperature, not air).

2. Press wax on the iron and distribute small drips of wax over the entire base. DO NOT ALLOW IRON TO SMOKE!

3. With iron in hand, slowly pull the iron over the wax drips smoothing them into a sheet of wax that covers the entire base tip to tail.

4. Let the wax cool 10-15 minutes, then scrape with a sharp plastic scraper.

DO NOT USE a steel scraper.

5. Scrape from the tip to the tail. Use the widest edge.

6. After scraping use a wax brush or fiber pad to remove excess wax from base. Brush from tip to the tail. This allows your base to glide fast.

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