Jones Men's Orion Bindings RP Robert 2023

Article number: J-23-BNU-ORI-C1-3M-1-2023
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  • Progressive Flex Highback: Symmetric mid-wide profile and medium flex for carving, tweaking airs and riding switch.
  • 3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps
  • Comfort Flex ankle straps
  • Asym buckles
  • Tool-less strap adjustment
  • Hinge Connector strap attachment + Pre-Curved ladders
  • Comfort Foam foot pillow
  • Hanger 3.0 - Nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass
  • Flushcup Technology
  • Universal Mounting Disc - Compatible with 4x2, 4x4 and EST/Channel

Highback: Progressive Flex Highback

Ankle Strap: Comfort Flex ankle straps

Toe Strap: 3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps

Baseplate: Nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass

Flex: 4 - 7 (Scale 1 - 10)

Versatility at its finest. From the park to the peak and anywhere in between.

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