Dinosaurs Will Die Men's Rat Snowboard 2023

Article number: DWD-2023
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This freestyle board is super fun for experienced park rats and beginners alike because it's easy to ride and very forgiving, plus the extruded base is great for freestyle riding because it can take a good amount of damage and it's easier to repair than a sintered base. If you're looking for a solid board that can handle seasons of abuse, the Rat is the way to go.

  • Crossbreed Camber
  • Poplar Core
  • Birch Stringers
  • Biax / Biax Glass
  • ABS Sidewalls
  • Extruded
Artwork By
  • Sean Genovese

Crossbreed Camber - This magical mix is the result of opposites weaving into one beautiful beast. This camber is the best of Lowrider camber and Reverse camber, designed to be quick and responsive for side hits and groomers while keeping it fun in the park and pow.


Poplar Core - Poplar is a springy and snappy wood with fairly effective damping qualities. This means you get a smooth and snappy ride. Poplar is one of the most popular wood cores used in snowboards, and there's a reason for that. Also features Birch strips along the insets for added pop.


ABS Sidewalls - ABS standard 30° sidewalls


Extruded - A denser than average extruded base that rivals most sintered bases on the market. It requires less waxing, and is easy to fix if damaged by knicks and scrapes.

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