Airhole Balaclava Full Hinge Waffle Fleece Face Mask Black 2023

Article number: AHB5WK-BLK-2023
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The Balaclava Full Hinge provides more flexibility than a classic balaclava by splitting the top and bottom sections, giving you 4 masks in 1. The full balaclava seals out the elements whilst the front can hinge down to free your face. Keep the face up and pull down the top for better temperature control or pull it all the way down for a classic neck tube. Waffle Fleece is a lightweight, technical gridded fleece fabric that is moisture wicking and allows air to flow freely to keep you warm and dry. We also apply a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating to bead water and prevent the fabric from becoming damp to keep your face dry. The stretchy design remains comfortable all day, all season long. Our Balaclava Full Hinge Waffle Fleece masks feature our original silicone Airhole which is direct injected onto the fabric, bonding to the front and back to provide a comfortable, hygienic and easy to clean finish.

Features :
• Silicone Airhole Mouthpiece
• UPF 50 for 98% Sun Protection
• Design Offers 4 in 1 Wear Options by Splitting the Top & Bottom Sections
• DWR (Durable Water Repellent) Coating For Water Resistance
• Polyester & Lycra Waffle Fleece Fabric
• Excess Heat Escapes Through the Waffle Structure to Regulate Temperature
• Lightweight Design
• Moisture Wicking
• Comfortable When Worn Under a Helmet

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